Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaackk!!!

Outside Tanjung Aru Perdana Park. Nice eh?

Lepakla. Makan biskut dulu

I forgot what we're doing that time

Yellow theme

17/3/2011:: Hye everyone, I'm gonna drive to Dr. Soon's Clinic for I'm suffering from constipation. I berak berdarah ok.

In the Paed's

Normal procedure.

Doc gave me this milk. Cost RM28.50

I hafta drink it with Lactulose. Something to soften my stools

On 26/3/2011, I went to see Doc Soon again for cough & flu. For your info, I was suppose to see him on 28th, to report my stools progress. Since we already come, he canceled that appointment ask mom about it. She said: "That lactulose did soften his stools but he still doesn't poo everyday like u said the other day. Sometimes he skipped 2 days & 3 days. He doesn't have any problem with Novalac IT though."

So, the Doc gave me THIS BIG FELLA to drink everyday for a month! Previously he gave me that small bottle of Lactulose.

For flu & fever

For cough

This is how I'll act when mom force me to eat ALL the above. Memberontak

26/3/2011:: Pose budak sakit

Tebangun pukul 3am.

Badan Arif sangat panas masa ni.

Aktif tetap aktif walaupun sakit

27/3/2011:: Suka main tisu
Macam girl pulak. Hehe

Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Pics

Nyum Nyum
Tengok apa tu?
Paling bulu mata
@ Malindo, Wisma Merdeka
 gaya favourite
@ Dr. Sharifah Clinic. She said I got heat rash.
Cek Pah
Atuk pun nak masuk bawah meja jugak? Hehe
@ Sala Thai KKIP

Untuk Pak Ngah yang tak pernah nampak Arif menjulur