Saturday, January 8, 2011

5 Minutes In Egypt

U see.. There's only one DNA (Datu Nazrin Arif), which is me. So, everybody will take turn to spend time with me; the cutest little boy in KK. I really really have to admit that. Don't be surprise if I went to the same place 6 times a week.

Today, I went out with Mom, Atuk & Nenek Ketiau. 1Borneo (again) then Jakel. It's nenek who wanted to go to Jakel in search for soft, exclusive & beaded tudung but she didn't really satisfy with Jakel collections. It turns out, atuk did quite a purchase! I won't detailed it here.

TCRS. Hop & hop & hop!

As usual, I collapsed.

They were waiting for me to wake up

Just woke up

nyummy. tasty gummy!

Don't worry. Nenek will watched my step for me

round & round we gooOooo~

Mommy, look!! I can drive!!

Ermm.. mommy.. can I play i lil longer?

Hold me tight atuk, i'm gonna drift this car.

I was in Egypt for 5 minutes

Ok, a wrapped up pic.

Online pj.

Hahahaha baba ni luculaaa


abu ubaidah said...

wuinaaa laju gila update hahaha,mantap2!! TAPI PROMO kena lebih ckit,jgn di wall fb kakak je

suka arif jln2,tempat sama je hr2 haha

abu ubaidah said...

byk jugak visitor semalam,dekat 80,tp tk naik jgk earnings ni hurm

nenek ketiau said...

Arif kalau ketawa infectious!! hehe

Siapa2 yang hatinya rasa sedih n pilu tengok lah arif masa dia ketawa..

Anonymous said...

the cutest little boy in KK?? are you kidding me??

Datu Nazrin Arif said...

seriously i'm not kidding.