Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Arif starts jogging


Lpeas sujud terus menempek kat lantai

Salah kiblat la Arif!!


Mom addicted to this ayam penyet & tempe
 23 May 2011, me & mom went jogging at KF's park around 5.30pm. I managed to walk around the track with 2 stops only. Heh. Tired, we went  to Atikah Cafe coz mom's craving fot tempe. Haha.

Mommy, Arif nak naik benda tu


Kami joging berdua

Penat. Recharge.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ronald Mc Donald's Day

Jumper merah
Kasut kuning
Pastu makan kat McD. Haha

Arif penatla seharian ikut mommy baba kerja

Arif dah pandai koyak penutup tisu. Kelima-lima kotak tisu dah dia buka & tisu bertaburan di katil

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mek Siti to UiTM & Aunty Yuyu to Damascus

Bath time

Eee malu~

Atikah Cafe (warung tempe) takda baby chair


sukaaaaaaaaa makan getah
 17 May 2011, got Kenduri Doa Selamat at Aunty Yuyu's house for she's gonna further her studies at Syria. She'll be flying on 24th May. As far as she knows, they'll be only the two of them from Sabah. The first 6 months, they'll learn intensive Lughah Arobiyyah before the Uni decide should they proceed with degree or diploma.

After kenduri, we went to Parkson, 1Borneo searching for Mek's stuffs: shoes, black sweatpants & white t-shirt. She'll register on 21st May for PraDiploma in UiTM, KK.

Paksu searching for shoes. Unfortunately, his size not available

Mek Siti's stuffs & mommy & atuk & paksu.

Arif dah berjaya mematahkan 1 tanda harga

Mommy sibuk cari Sidney Sheldon, Arif sibuk cari buku resipi

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nenek's Bday 2011

1st celebration at House On Hill with 2 Pizzas & SR Durian Cheese Cake. Yummeh!

Finger licking good

Were using N97 camera

Wooo this is adventurous. To cut a cake in steady mode


Oh, I forgot. Actually, we first celebrate nenek's bday on 1st May at Kenny Rogers 1 Borneo. It's on Atuk.

What to order ....

Lucky! We got this for FREE! Yeah~

Waiting for my FREE meal

Napa macam dah kena makan ni?

We went shopping with our happy tummy

!st time holding balloon

3rd May 2011
Atuk got an interview with SESB

They're having bfast together

At night, we celebrate Nenek's bday again. It's 3 days in a row! This time it's on Baba

Restoran Chef Mansor. Truly finger licking good

Nenek opened a gift from aunty ayuSz

I want to hold that kitty!

Nice, kan??

When did we go to Tg. Aru?
Ermm... owh! After shopping at Parkson 1B.
We're a bit late for the dancing fountain but still manage a few seconds before it ended.

Round the track

This mini fountain will keep on entertaining u

Excitednyeeee Arif

The dancing fountain time