Monday, November 29, 2010

Pinky Winky Day!

On Sunday morning, me, Baba's parents & Mommy went hunting for aunty caca's wedding furniture at Karamunsing. Being lucky, Nek Datin & Atuk 13 bought me new wardrobe. Mommy choose white colour to match my cot. At night, I (in pink) followed Mommy & Nek Datin to 1Borneo in search for wedding stuffs.

Yesterday at 7.30pm, reached Ketiau to say good bye to Nenek as she's flying to Penang today but Atuk & Paksu was not there.

Online GAP Pyjama

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pus, please leave me alone!

Yesterday, (23/11/2010) I got my 4th shot & as strong as a Badang, I didn't cry. But we received a bad news. My right ear is infected again & pus it is. Huhuhu.. Dr. Mustafa asked mommy & baba to keep dropping the antibiotic in my ear for three days, three times daily. He said, the infection is most probably caused by my own tears.

Mommy didn't snap any picture at the clinic, so keep scrolling down:

20/11/2010 @ the Chicken Rice Shop

Mommy said i looked handsome here. Do I?

After family day out, Mek CT come to kidnap me. Hehe
22/11/2010 in my new blue pushable walker

Apa mommy panggil2 ni? Arif nak concentrate main la.

One of 4 GAP Pyjama which mommy bought online. Until today, I haven't wear any of those 3 yet.

23/11/2010 Getting ready to Dr. Mustafa Clinic
@ Ketiau. Baba saw this creature running (what word do we use to describe a running scorpion?) around the living room. We're lucky he caught it. I wonder what happen if we were laying on the floor unaware of it. Scary!

It's big!

Can I bite u?

Nenek, what happen to this scorpion? Is it still in front the main door?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fast Update on Aidil Adhha

PooPoo: 13 & 17/11/2010 (4 days gap??!!) ish2..

@ Kenny Rogers. Mommy & aunty ayuSz's girls day out

Recite do√° first!


First timer

That pink drink is not bandung. It's Soda Gembira. Tasty!

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Nenek~ i wanna sleeeeeeppp... ayun~~





Baba, how come u sleep first? U're suppose to put me to sleep. Baba!!

Oh okla. Mommy kasi tidur.

Eeee.. liur. We celebrate at KB but didn't snap raya pic. Rugi.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy week

Been busy lately.
Updating few pictures here.

Guess where?


Sesi makan ubat @ SR 1B

Bluek. Yucks!

5/11/2010 Follow nenek Ketiau to 1B. @ Padini

Nappy changing room @ Parkson 1B

The interior not as sweet as at Suria Sabah nappy changing room


6/11/2010: Right after poopoo..

8/11/2010: @Damai Specialist Hospital. ENT Specialist. Scary huh?

Dr. Raj kata eardrum dah ok cuma air masih tak boleh masuk dalam telinga. Kalau masuk, akan jadi infection semula

While they're having lunch at Hang Li Po Restaurant, I....

With Atuk13

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Pantai Likas

Today i follow my medicine prescription. After having those drugs, i fell asleep. At 5.30pm sharp, mommy, baba & i went to Likas Beach to have some fresh air. Oh yes, Atuk13 bought me a toothbrush! But i guess it's a gumbrush for me. That's how i end my day =)

With Mommy

With Baba

Banyaknya kereta lalu lalang... (khayal)

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Berusla gigi anda 3 kali sehari

arghhhh!!!! baba itaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm. Hahaha