Monday, October 25, 2010


CHECKLIST on the 25th

Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yeap. 5pm
Going out: Yeap
Mommy said today is a pinky winky day. Baba refused to co-operate so it's just the two of us. I followed them to the mall just now for some business matter. Well I guess that's all for today.
I'm glad they didn't buy any pink mittens & booties

Sleeping again..

Pretty mommy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

22-24 Oct 2010

CHECKLIST on the 22nd
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yeap. 4pm
Going out: Yeap
We went to 1B Guardian in search for my Sebamed Body Liquid Soap.  Then to Giant to buy my milk. On our way to car park, we met Syaakirah with her parents. I was half asleep at that time so not in the mood to take picture with them. 

Notice my new head support? Hihi

This is when 2 Brunei Women approached Baba & hand him their Guardian stickers to redeem cute Disney plush toys. They gave Baba 6. Still need 52 stickers. Hmmm..

On our way home. Look carefully at my ear. What do u see?

We must drink milk everyday for healthy lifestyle!
CHECKLIST on the 23rd
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yeah 10am
Going out: Nope
Nothing much to write. It's da same routine at home.  Just some pictures to share:
Introducing my spring CameL! Juling mata I focus.

Still focusing at the camel

Told ya I broke it's neck


Mr. Snake, please don't eat me. I'm not a frog!
CHECKLIST on the 24rd
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Yeap
Today me, Baba, Mommy, Nak Datin & Atuk13 went for lunch at D'KL. It's an Indonesian Restaurant at Kampung Likas.  They said, we should come with Atuk & Nenek Ketiau next time because of it's Javanese concept. After lunch, we went to Servay. I got 3 new pyjamas!! Yeah!! Mommy choose pink colour for me. Errr... She said: "Fahrin Ahmad tu pemain ragbi. Pakai t-shirt pink, blazer pink. Tak pondan pun."

The interior

Let me go Nenek! I wanna run!

Baba take turn to carry me first

Mommy take over until we reach home. *SLEEPY HEAD*

Today i sleep at Nek Datin's room. Good night readers!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

19, 20 & 21.10.2010

CHECKLIST on the 19th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yeah. 4pm
Going out: Yeap
CHECKLIST on the 20th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Yeap
CHECKLIST on the 21st
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yeah. 2pm
Going out: Nope
Today Mommy told me we're going out: follow my parents to work. So she dressed me in formal attire. But I end up not joining them coz Nek Datin didn't allow me to go. She looked after me when my parents are not around. 

Tido jela

Waiting for Mommy & Baba at living room
 Those are pictures taken yesterday. I wore new romper which Atuk Ketiau bought from KL. At night, I wore new pyjama from Nek Datin which Atuk 13 claimed as sailor suit.


Atuk, look at me.

What size is this?



Muka baru bangun
On 19th, I followed Ketiau Members to McD for dinner. Nenek Ketiau came to send Nemo Car as Mommy requested.
Follow Ketiau members to McD

Feature leader

Pengunjung2 sekalian, kita haruslah bersatu hati dalam memartabatkan... bla~ bla~ bla~

Atuk explaining something

Debating with atuk

I actually broke it's neck. Annoying kan muka giraffe ni?

Monday, October 18, 2010


CHECKLIST on the 17th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Yeap
It's time for us to return to Kingfisher. Guess what?! I met my new born cuzzy named Muhammad Rayyan Daniel. I lend him my pillow, towel, blanket & bed since he not yet have one. 
Mommy went out to celebrate aunty ayuSz's birthday. She return home with 3 fluffy toys! Love playing with those colourful spring camel, bounce back giraffe & puppet snake.

Paksu helped me to stand up

I've rotate this pic but it still turn out like this

My new cuzzy!

The spring camel is on my bed

Saturday, October 16, 2010


CHECKLIST on the 15th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: 9pm
Going out: Yeap
CHECKLIST on the 16th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Yeap
Yesterday, I got fever. Nek Datin immediately fed me with orange panadol while mommy pat 'cool fever' at my forehead to reduce my temperature before went to Premiere Clinic at Kingfisher.

Dun have mood to smile at mommy

Waiting for medicine
Here are some pictures for the last few days:


Nek Datin, Mami Bati & Kak Yana

Practice again

Waiting for aunty caca's fiance

aaaahhh~ selesai masalah

Atuk & nenek ketiau

Look at the reflection. Baba & uncle Lan repairing the door
Today nenek, paksu & mek CT fetch mommy & me to Ketiau. Mommy just snapped 1 pic & a video:


Laughing with nenek

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10, 11, 12.10.10

CHECKLIST on the 10th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: 9pm
Going out: Nope

CHECKLIST on the 11th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Nope
CHECKLIST on the 12th
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: 11pm
Going out: Nope
10.10.2010 was auntie caca's engagement day. Everything went smoothly. Nothing much happened for the last three days. No outing means no story (^_^) Something wrong with Mommy's camera. The pictures in it can't be transferred to lappy. That's another reason why I didn't update. I'll upload the rest later if the camera is back to normal. In the mean time, enjoy those:

See the yellow carpet? That's where aunty caca sat.


Ish, Baba ni pegang2 bahu Arif plak

Trying to make peace symbol but my finger won't cooperate.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: 9.15pm
Going out: Yeah!

My first destination today is Dr. Muzakkir's Clinic to consult about my head. It's full with red dots. Unfortunately he's not in when we reach there. So, we went to MAS to buy atuk's ticket to Tawau before proceed to Semporna for work. Before went home, we ate at McD.

Aunty Asiah. She bathed me today so I thanked her with my smile =)

House on Hill

Mommy forgot to bring my shoes.

Nenek Ketiau

Taking picture with Mek CT while waiting for atuk outside


I was so boring waiting for them to finish their food. There's something about atuk that make me wanna sleep in his arm.

Building my 6 packs to punch uncle Abu. Hehe

Practice! Practice!

See the red dots?
Baba & A. Hisyam came to bring me & mommy home to KF
 p/s: Doc Abu & Doc Iffah, diagnose my illness.