Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Late Update (Again)

CHECKLIST on 4th Oct 2010
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: 2 Times!!! 11.30am & 7.15pm
Going out: Nope

CHECKLIST on 5th Oct 2010
Cried Out Loud: Yeap. Fever.
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Yeah!

Yesterday I didn't go out. We're suppose to enjoy sunset view at Likas Park but something came up. So, stay home & berak! Haha. This is how I look yesterday:


Today I went to Klinik Dr. Mustafa for some check up. Nek Datin said I got ulcer at the tip of my tongue so Mommy ask da doctor to make sure. Dr. Mustafa said: "Belum jadi lagi ni. Baru nak jadi. Saya bagi ubat titik untuk bagi rasa kebas bila dia rasa sakit nanti." Fuh~ no injection this time.

Happynya nak jumpa Doc!

This is the operation room. Mommy use it to change my diaper.

I wore new shoes bought by Atuk 13
After check up, I followed Baba & Mommy to settle their signboard project. 

Disturbing Mommy is my hobby
My body start to feel itchy for standing too long. Feel like laying down.

Aaahh.. Lega..


 I was so happy that we're finally heading home!

Eh Baba! This is my car. Napa Baba pose terlebih ni? Eeee!!
At 8pm, my head started to get hot. I refused to drink milk nor sleep. I cried & cried until Nek Datin fed me with orange panadol. Aunty Caca rub my foot using eucalyptus oil to make me relax a little. I then fell asleep. Mommy changed my diaper & fed me before i sleep till next morning.

Good night readers! I'm not feeling well tonight.


nenek ketiau said...

kesian arif demam.. Ketawa tu lucu betul!!

Akak said...

takut betul jadi balik tangisan lama dia tu. nasib baik tak lama dia nanges.

Syuhada said...

Arif is sssooooooooo cuteee...!!!!! Get well soon handsome boy!!

Nadh said...