Saturday, October 2, 2010

2nd October 2010

Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yup. 11.30pm
Going out: Yeah!

Today we got invitation to ABIM's Raya open house. Since Mommy was asked to bring her delightful potato salad, we start our morning with shopping! We went to Giant in search for 3kilos of potatoes, tomato, mince meat, mayo & fresh dairy milk but failed to find mince meat. We then went to Servay, Giant (different branch) & shop around likas but still not available. Wanna know where we found it? Tong Hing! Yeah~ at last...

At Taski ABIM Putatan, I met two sweet girls. Syaakirah and emmm.. (I forgot Grandpa Saripudin's daughter's name). I was so nervous seeing Syaakirah that I cried and cried until Mommy said: "Ärif, Syaakirah steady je. Arif nak nangis kenapa?" then i stop crying. Heh... how embarrassing.

While waiting for Mommy, I played ball with Baba

Mbak Siti

Can this Chinese look girl be my girlfriend?

Emm.. r u trying to kiss me??

With Syaakirah. Look alike eh?

Tiring day. Good night readers!


Jihan said...

alaa...x buang puting syaakirah pulak tau..x nmpak muka dia.hehe.

uncle sem said...

stail. keep on writing. i'll follow

Mommy Arif said...

Jihan, tu la. kelam kabut sgt nak balik masa tu kan. semberono je tangkap gambar.

Uncle Sem @ Uncle balong, u didn't follow using ur google acc pun.