Friday, October 1, 2010

1 October 2010

Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yeap. 3.30pm
Going out: Yeah!

Since Baba got work at Ranau today, Mommy decided to drag me along with them. As a co-driver, Baba ask Uncle Lan to join us. It was fun! I drank a lot of milk today. Usually I took 3 ounces every 2 or 1.5 hour but today, every 1 hour! Our first destination, KFC Ranau. They need to have some lunch. After Mommy finished washing my bottles, we went straight to Rumah Putera Harapan (RPH) Ranau to visit the orphans. Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to take picture with them.

Ok. So here are some pictures to share.

I slept all the way to Ranau. Woke up just to fill my empty stomach.

How does it taste?

In front of RPH

We stopped by to have hi-tea

With Uncle Lan. Notice my sweater? It wrote ARIF

Too cold here in Kundasang

My parents

Eye to eye on our way home
After 5 days at KL, Atuk 13 is finally home. He bought me 2 pairs of pyjamas with set of booties, mittens & hat. Not forgetting my drift shoe. As for your concern, today is Uncle Wea's 31st birthday. So, let's celebrate!

While waiting for Atuk 13's gift, I played with Abg Hisyam's toys

Uncle Wea's family

Tersangat amat mengantuk. Good night readers!


DrNurolSainuri said...

comelnya jaket dia~ siapa yg buat tu?

Datu Nazrin Arif said...

si reena kawan ayuSz. comel kan

Admin said...

gila comel. haha .