Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 Sept 2010

Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Nope

Start my morning with warm bath by Nek Datin. She dressed me in new attire which she bought last night. I know I look good in orange. 

How do I look?

Laughing with Baba

Someone called mommy at 1.15pm. Both Mommy & Baba were rushing that they have to live me to Mummy Bati for a while. I was having a good time watching tv and see abg hisyam, kakak gina, abg asyraf & kakak yana playing, yelling and running around. I wish I can join them! At 4.30pm, Mummy Bati decided to wipe my body early since it's going to rain soon. By then, Mommy & Baba arrived. I gave them a big grin. Again, I wear new pyjama bought by Nek Datin.

Nice eh, my pyjama?

Nappy changing time

Really need to sleep! Good night readers.

p/s: Whoever might took care of me in the future, please take note. I'll only finish my 3ounce milk if there's no one around. I really need to concentrate on it.

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