Monday, October 4, 2010

Late Update

CHECKLIST on 3rd Oct 2010
Cried Out Loud: A little
PooPoo: Nope
Going out: Yeah!

CHECKLIST on 4th Oct 2010
Cried Out Loud: Nope
PooPoo: Yup. 10am
Going out: Nope

Nothing much happen today. It's just the same routine everyday except one; before Mommy go to work, I make her clean my najis first. Hehe. So this is how I look today.

My new bantal busuk. (Tagging aunt Aida) Notice the old one? On your left (with the yellow duck)
Yesterday Nenek Ketiau & Paksu Amad fetch me & mommy at Kingfisher. Mommy bought me new pacifying pillow at Signature, Karamunsing that has the same pattern as my bed set. I'm enjoying the view at Karamunsing in my green stroller. At Ketiau, I met Atuk Ketiau & Mek Siti. I love when Atuk held me in his arm. After Isya' prayer, they sent us back to Kingfisher. I slept all the way home.

With Abg Hisyam yang perasan macam Galang in Cinta Kirana

Paksu Amad. Nenek is buying Himalaya product.

Wishing I'm using Takata belt. Amused eye

Nenek is showing me ubi kayu which atuk pulled out earlier.
No picture please! I need to sleep! Good night readers.


fa-aja-aja said...

abg hisyam super handsome.

Admin said...

paksu xemsem ke fa? haha

fa-aja-aja said...

terima hakikat.anda kalah dgn hisyamm..tgu nti besarrr..i pun tergila2 kot dgn dia.haha

Akak said...

kembang kempis idung isyam baca komen

Anonymous said...

waa..kak..ada blog untuk si kecil la..nice blog..


Nadh said...

apa lagi Nel, follow la.

fazura said...


Admin said...

dia bsr ko dh jadi bini org dh fa. tett

abu ubaidah said...

sapa fazura tu?