Monday, November 1, 2010

Nanah oh Nanah

How many days have i been missing?
Mommy & Baba were busy preparing for Drift Event at Tamu Besar Kota Belud on 30.10.2010 so they didn't have time to update my blog. On 29th till 31st Oct, they left me at Ketiau. That's when Nenek Ketiau detect something in my right side ear. It's smelly. On the 1st of November, mommy, baba & nek datin bring me to children specialist at Luyang & doctor confirmed that there's nanah inside my ear that caused by cough & flu. 

Here are some pictures for the last few days:

Follow mommy & Baba to KFC

Getting ready for Kak Nana's birthday

How do i look?
Eeeee geramnya dgn giraffe nih!

Patah! patah!!

Below are pictures taken in children specialist clinic:

almost choked here

Tu nanah. haiyaaa...

Eh doc, focus on my throat la. not my eye! hehehe
Readers, please pray for me.
I hope there'll be no impact in the future.


nicholas saputra said...

kesiannya arif,ada nanah pulak,semoga cepat sembuh!

nenek ketiau said...

Ameen. Mudah2an tak re occur. Mana Cik Pah ni? tak da comment apa-apa pun.