Friday, January 7, 2011

4th, 5th & 8th January 2011

4th January 2011

Baba decided to celebrate Mom's birthday twice. First, with my small family. Only the 3 of us. We went to 1 Borneo (again) to dine at The Chicken Rice Shop before hunting for Mom's present & cake.

@ The Chicken Rice Shop

They ordered the Butter Chicken set. I still stick with Lactogen.

Sleepy head, I slept while they're having lunch. (Was just giving them some privacy.)

Guess where?

U guessed right!! We're waiting for mommy. She was experimenting new product.

Bought cake for Mommy @ SR

At night, both family side gathered together at Tenom Kopitiam. Here, they only serve Nyonya style starting at 6pm. Before that, they do their Kopitiam business.
These delicious cup cake was baked by Mek Siti

Mommy's birthday celebration @ Tenom Kopitiam Sembulan

She got everything on her wish list except for one: Sidney Sheldon's books.

The next day, we went to Ketiau for dinner. Me & Mom went there first because she had something to settle. We fetched Mek Siti at ABIM's Office to help Mom with some chores. Mom decided to treat Mek Siti for lunch at Kak Nong in return of her help.

In Mitsubishi Triton.

Mek Siti buat muka cute

What did she fed me? I forgot

New pj Mom bought online. Masa tidur pun dahi berkerut. Banyak masalah!

Nice & sweet just like the owner =)


Ibrahim & Jihan said...

aih..salesgirl MAC tu jihan kenal la, my xclassmate:) hehe. dah makin besar arif ya.

abu ubaidah said...

hehe arif nmpk malas jln2,dia nk tdo kt rumah je tu haha

DrNurolSainuri said...

ct can write the words cuter next time! hehe
*"She got everything on her wish list except for one".. ? EVERYTHING? kemain lagii.. :)

akak macam makin kurus.on diet ke apa?

nenek ketiau said...

comelnya arif duduk..

nenek ketiau said...

comelnya arif duduk..

nenek ketiau said...

comelnya arif duduk..

nenek ketiau said...

pakngah, your friend said she's going back on Monday. Nenek bought tempe already n she will also cook some meat..

Akak said...

Jihan, nak bagi jumpa Arif dgn Syaakirah lagi. Dua2 dah pandai respon skrg kan. Ntah apa dorg buat kalau berjumpa.

Manada dia malas jalan. Paling dia sakula tu.

5 wish saja maaa. Bukan 100. hehe

Smpai 3 kali mak komen?