Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Alone

I didn't go out today.
Room. Room. Room.

Trying to escape

2nd attempt also failed

New way to sleep

Just woke up

Romper wrote: If you think I'm super cute, you should see my mom

Mommy! Help me get out from this shawl!!!!!

Help! Help!


abu ubaidah said...

hehe comelnya,jari arif terlipat tu masa tdo tu ...

visitors arif nk cecah 2k dah

Anonymous said...

Is it like Alcatraz? Call CEW for help. He has escaped from that tight security. No charge - FOC

Ibrahim & Jihan said...

romper cute tu sampai jgk akhirnya:)

Akak said...

adaaaa ja gaya arif tido.

ano, what or who is CEW?

ha'ah kan jihan. sebulan lebih jugakla tunggu.

DrNurolSainuri said...

mesti spam tu yg anonymous tu.
banyaknya mainan arif~~

Anonymous said...

CEW AKA Clint East Wood. The man who have successfully escape from Alcatraz. Revealed the misdeed and coz the closure of the notorious Alcatraz.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Arif to be compared to Alcatraz!!! But he escaped because he wanted to reveal the truth that he is innocent... Go! GO! Arif Go!