Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Day I Start Losing Weight

2 puffs. Each puff must inhale 6 times

On 25/7/2011, we went to Damai Specialist Hospital as my condition worsening. I had a running nose, bad cough & high fever. Dr. Sharon; my paediatrician said, I have a loud wheezing sound in my lungs. She suggest Ventolin. Ventolin will open every canal in my lungs so I can breath easily despite my heavy cough.

Look, I'm doing it right

Valved holding chamber

Ventolin 100mcg Evohaler


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Wait till the water absorb it

All the medicine cost RM230. They say everything happen for a reason. As for me, I'm starting to make small steps!! It won't take long for me to walk then run! Yeahhh!!~~ 


DrNurolSainuri said...

ayep! ada asthma ka?
kesiannya ayep.. akak kena pastikan dia stick to meds.. nanti growth retardation pulak.

baby ayeppp~

Akak said...

tak. bukan athma. cuma nak bagi dia selesa benafas. kan bronkus bronkiol dia sumbat kahak.

Mr Farid said...

kesiannya ayip ..

Anonymous said...

Doing it yrself. Awesome and genius!!!

Admin said...

gmbar first mcm bob marley la arif.haha

Akak said...

bob marley? di mana yg sama nya? akak google tgk takda persamaan pun