Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only captions. Need to catch up fast.

7/12/2010: Sending nenek, atuk & paksu. @MAS. They're going to Beijing

Paksu bring Keroro along in his pouch.

8/12/2010: Celebrating abg Hisyam's birthday at Sri Melaka.

My parents bought me my own car seat. Don't really like it coz cannot stand up.

13/12/2010: Lihat perutku~ buncit kan? hehe

15/12/2010: Practicing sky diving

I'm checking the quality of this material from Beijing.

I wish they have small size for this kinda hat

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Original PUMA sandal, ok!

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abu ubaidah said...

berselimut je keja arif ni,bg dia lasak sikit,nnt sakit je keja,tu yg slalu flu tu